I offer expertise in photography, design, and production to assist people in telling their own stories through words and pictures. With one-on-one mentorship, courses to help you learn your camera & software tools, and field workshops, my goal is to enable you to find your path in a complex forest of solutions.

Through proven processes and portfolio critiques I can help you learn how and when to use technology to your advantage. With 40+ years of experience in advertising and exhibition, my experience in creating emotional moments is unique.

You are unique, too. Let's find your story!

Hi, I’m Jim Parker

With over 40 years of experience in art direction and photography, I'm uniquely qualified to help you get the most of your photography and design skills. 

I've been making photographs since I was seven years old. Born in South Dakota, and growing up as a boy in the Black Hills, I was introduced to the creative pursuits early on, by my father, who gave me my first Brownie at 7, and showed me how to use it. He gave me a roll of film, and told me to return it when I'd exposed the negative. I went through a number of hand-me-down cameras before finally getting a decent SLR after college.

My Bachelor's degree is in Visual Communication. Graduating from the University of Wisconsin, I went to work in advertising. I learned how to visualize concepts, and how to think about lighting. 

I worked for several ad agencies over the next three decades, moving up from Junior Art Director, to Creative Director, to Managing Director at the Chicago office of a national interactive marketing services firm.

For the past fifteen years, I've been exhibiting my work at national art festivals and doing assignment work for a few select clients. If you are looking for ways to leverage your skills into a new career, or just having fun exploring the world of photography, I can help.